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Learning and Technology Today: Notes for a Future that Arrived Early
November 15, 2018
Hong Kong

We will continue our conversations on purposeful use of technology when we welcome Dr. Ruben Puentedura, the creator of the SAMR model, to HKA. The SAMR framework categorizes four different degrees of classroom technology integration and supports meaningful and contextually-appropriate integration. As well, Dr. Puentedura will also work with us to explore how we approach action research and project-based learning.

Dr. Ruben will offering an open evening session on the Thursday 15th of November at 6:30


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How to Raise Healthy Digital Citizens
September 20, 2018
Hong Kong

This event has now finished

Parenting in the Information Age: How to Raise Healthy Digital Citizens

Wellbeing is a central focus of HKA’s learning community, and digital wellbeing is one aspect of our that commitment. To help us further develop our understanding of digital health, HKA has engaged Matt Harris, Ed.D. from International EdTech, to lead us in a conversation about the challenges facing parents today and how we can best support our children. Dr. Harris is a former international …